MZ Photo Arrange

A streamline and handy application dedicated to sorting, renaming and organizing large photo collections in batch mode


MZ Photo Arrange makes it possible for you to sort photos as soon as you transfer them from the camera, so as to create an organized collection from the start.


Process all your images in one go

Focusing on simplicity and speed, this application features a one-window interface where options are one-click away. As expected, there is a preview area where you can take a look at the result before actually saving the files. The application supports three different calendars to feat your needs.

MZ Photo Arrange is only compatible with JPG images. This means that you just have to select your photo folder and all the supported pictures will be automatically loaded to the processing queue.

Copy, move (Replace or Rename)

With the help of this application you can quickly copy/move images in your collection. Other options enable you to select the classification style of images.
MZ Photo Arrange can process single images or entire folders in one go, allowing you to save the output to a location of your choice.


MZ Photo Arrange supports three different calendars (Gregorian, Jalali and Hijri) and will classify the photos into selected calendar’s date format.